About the Bitcoin
Store of Value Tracker


Despite short-term volatility, bitcoin has been an excellent long-term store of value since it was released in 2009. With the SoV Tracker, we wanted to put this into perspective with some hard data.

Next time someone you know is complaining that bitcoin is “not real,” “too volatile,” and, “is going to zero,” we hope that the Tracker will be a handy tool to help settle the matter!

Data Source

All bitcoin price data is obtained from Coindesk, who have kindly put together a free-to-use index of bitcoin prices dating all the way back to 2011.

About the Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index.

Some Notes About Our Calculations

  • Calculator results are based on the daily average bitcoin price on the first day of the month selected.

  • We use the daily average price for all calculations.

  • For daily average value changes, we use the geometric average, rather than an arithmetic average. Geometric gives a better indication of the compounding value increase of bitcoin as an investment, and is used by investors to track performance of other investments such as stocks and shares.

  • Total annual changes are calculated according to the daily average bitcoin price on the first and last day of the respective year.

  • The figures are not inflation-adjusted. Since 2011, the US dollar (a very poor store of value) has undergone significant inflation. This will marginally exaggerate bitcoin’s performance shown in the Tracker.


Some special mentions for:

  • Yoann Cerda for developing the project at lightning speed.

  • Jameson Lopp for the great tweets that inspired some of the statistics on the site (1) (2) (3).

BORING Disclaimer

The Bitcoin Store of Value Tracker not intended for use for investment purposes. Nothing published by Clavestone constitutes an investment recommendation, nor should any data or written content published by Clavestone be relied upon for any investment activities.