Don’t put all your keys in one basket.

Clavestone is a platform for institutions to easily and securely take control of their bitcoin investments.

If you don’t hold your keys, you don’t hold your bitcoin.
— Bitcoin proverb

Institutions investing in bitcoin are typically choosing to entrust the keys to their bitcoin to third-party bitcoin custodians: single points of failure.

Due to the high concentration of funds under management, and their ability to spend them, most bitcoin custodians will inevitably suffer hacks, thefts, robberies, kidnappings, inside jobs, or fund seizures.


Hybrid Storage is the Answer

With Clavestone, highly secure multisignature bitcoin keys are distributed across multiple people at two organisations, with one organisation acting as an authenticator for outgoing transactions.

In this “hybrid” model, there is no single point of failure. Clavestone holds no client’s funds, nor can it spend any funds. The client is protected from inside jobs and human error, and the individuals themselves are protected from coercion by their inability to spend funds.



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Institutional Bitcoin Storage, Done Right


Guided Setup

From the initial key setup, to transaction authentication, signature and broadcast, Clavestone is with you every step of the way. Our processes ensure you are always using best practices when dealing with bitcoin.


Auditable Security

Good security should be auditable. With Clavestone, the cryptographic protections for your bitcoin funds are fully auditable on the bitcoin blockchain. Rest easy knowing exactly how your funds are secured.


Fulfil Governance Requirements

You retain ownership of your bitcoins, Clavestone manages part of the keys, together we secure your funds. Give your investors peace of mind without exposing them to the risks of a custodian.